From My Lips to God’s Ears
An autobiographical novel by M.A. Walker ~ by Leigh Beauchamp DayDSC_1571 MA Walker.jpg Photo: Leigh Beauchamp Day – Mary-Ann (M.A.) Walker stands beside Albro Lake, near her childhood home and directly across from the former site of the Albro Lake Naval Radio Station, where her father served as Operations Officer/Lieutenant, following WWII. The station was closed in 1968. The first three chapters of her book, “From My Lips to God’s Ears,” contain a history of the station and its role on the world stage. 

Within each of us is a book waiting to be written. To do so, however, is to lay bare one’s deepest secrets and shame, as well as the life lessons that come as a result of painful experiences. Dartmouth North’s Mary-Ann Walker, under the pen-name of M.A.Walker, has written one such autobiographical novel.

“There was a time when I could not see beyond my sadness and despair,” Walker says. “I couldn’t imagine trying to attain my lost aspirations.”

From My Lips To God’s Ears is a true story, with some details altered, of course. It chronicles a cruel sexual assault, and the long journey to self-discovery, healing and forgiveness through professional counseling and God’s influence.

The book was not originally intended for publication. It was a self-help memoire written to assist Walker in her own healing. Editors at Xlibris, a self-publishing company, recognized its potential and convinced Walker that her book could help others suffering from pain and self-doubt in similar situations.

Walker summoned the courage to “put it all out there,” as she says. Today, with her book, web, blog and social media sites, speaking engagements and interviews, Walker is determined to help as many women as possible through her message of inherent self-worth and forgiveness. Most of all she encourages women to “seek help. You are not alone.”

In 2009 the book was selected, by committee review, to be included in the Frankfurt Germany International Book Fair. Walker was also one of the featured authors signing books at the 2009 Miami International Book Fair, and recently, at the Word on the Street National Book and Magazine Festival in Toronto. Among her busy schedule of online radio talk show appearances and interviews, Walker recently appeared on CTV Morning Live, with Heidi Petracek.

In addition, Pandora’s Project, a nonprofit online chat forum that provides support to survivors of rape and sexual assault, has invited Walker to be an on-line guest speaker in January 2013. The Project’s global membership includes the UK, Australia and USA.

This fall the book was entered in the Las Vegas Pitchfest, and is currently being adapted for a Hollywood Screenplay.Visit any of Walker’s social media sites for updates on the book and screenplay progress:; Twitter: @MaryAnnWalker5; blog:;and Facebook fan page.

The book is available in several formats: as an E-reader through Amazon; at Chapters Coles Indigo Kobo EBook; Walkers’s Website and the Xlibris Online Bookstore, It can also be ordered through any major chain or independent bookseller in the USA and Canada. [Article: North Dartmouth Echo December 2012 Edition, Page 10]


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