About the Book

This autobiographical novel is a fusion of the author’s heritage and a recollection of the life-altering event that potentially could have destroyed her life. From the outset of the story [which takes us back to the depression years and her father’s exploits during World War II] the reader gets the impression that this is not the real message – there is something much deeper going on. This curiosity about “what really happened” keeps the reader turning the pages, only to discover the heart-breaking story of cruelty and total disregard for a young girl’s life.

Many times people feel isolated and alone while being surrounded by the family and friends who think they know them best. The main character of this novel is such a person. Her sense of worthlessness and self-loathing lead to many acts of self-destruction as she desperately tries to terminate her tortured life.

Such stories have become all too common and have the potential to destroy the hopes and dreams of their victims. Fortunately for the readers of this book the story does not stop at that point. It offers an understanding of how victims can find a way out of the hell in which they have been placed and become restored to wholeness once again. It is the story of a second chance to have a normal life filled with all the happiness and endless blessings God intended all people to enjoy.

“From My Lips to God’s Ears has stirred-up many emotions within me. To open-up and tell aspects of your life takes great courage. It has made me realize that we are quick to judge when we really don’t know what has gone on in a person’s life. I also believe that we have at least one good book in us, but are probably not prepared to bare our souls as M.A. Walker has. The bottom line is that God knows each book that is in us, and He alone will judge the story we have to tell. Great book, please read!” – Fred Myers